With the planned launch of its seeds token(SDS) global sale on September 26 by 10:00(UTC+0) and then implementation and launch of its own DeFi 2.0 platform imminent, why do you need to choose the KeplerSwap?

The answer to the aforementioned question is not far-fetched but I will take you through a quick journey why choosing the platform will be a smart choice afterall in my non-financial opinion.


Asides the full access to DeFi 1.0 services, the KeplerSwap also brings the following services to the DeFi table in its 2.0 version:


The platform offers a weekly pool as incentive to outstanding liquidity pool providers; which helps to maintain an interest in user liquidity contribution. How, you ask? KeplerSwap will reserve SDS and BUSD as reward tokens for eleven users who meet the criterion of being a top 30% referral and/or top 30% liquidity provider in a week. These users are randomly selected by the smart contract, and one of the users get 50% of tokens from the lucky pool(which is expected to be redeemed in 72 hours, otherwise goes to the pool for the next week), while the remaining 50% share of the draw is equally allotted to the other ten users ( 5% each). Quite an incentive, you say.


In KeplerSwap’s quest to being a Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO), its users are able to invite more people to participate in community advocacy in order to provide more support for collective development. A user becomes a space owner, when he/she has contributed to liquidity market marking efforts or has referred other users to do the same, while meeting certain requirements. A space owner is granted rights to vote in a space election and granted all rewards related to liquidity market marking from their space members. A win in the space voting affords the space owner an extra reward from the 30-day contribution pool.

It is crystal clear that the ice-breaking journey of DeFi 2.0 is a “state of the art" financial governance innovation that is user-centric, KeplerSwap pioneers it and it will unravel before our own very eyes.

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Adeniyi Abidemi

Adeniyi Abidemi

content writer

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