Business and referrals are two words that are almost mutually exclusive, one cannot do without the other. Realising this truth ensures that the KeplerSwap introduce an innovative incentive to his users, called the “lucky pool".


Every user of a DeFi platform ( KeplerSwap inclusive) is expected to contribute a certain volume of liquidity to it. This liquidity provided by users is on a weekly basis pooled together into what becomes the “LUCKY POOL”.


Every seven days on the KeplerSwap, an active market maker(a user, either old or new, who contributes to the market making efforts and belongs to the top ranked position i.e the top 30% liquidity providers) is eligible to the pool or a user (inviter) that has invited another user (invitee) who makes up the top rank of the liquidity market making volume. A draw is done using the smart contract, in which eleven top ranked market makers are chosen at random and one of them is chosen to win the prize of 50% of the total contribution of the pool for that week and the remaining 10 market makers share the remaining 50% of the liquidity pool in equal percentage( that is, each one gets 5%). The prizes must be claimed within a week, otherwise it goes back into the pool, to be rolled for the next week.

Though tagged a “LUCKY POOL ”, but it really isn’t about luck until a user has met the criterion of either providing a market making volume of the very top rank or a user’s invitee has met the requirement, then the luck can set in. This is another way of incentivizing community members to participate in adding liquidity to the system and again it is the KeplerSwap way.




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Adeniyi Abidemi

Adeniyi Abidemi

content writer

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