Adeniyi Abidemi
2 min readSep 6, 2021


Having lived on the surface of the earth for several thousands of years, humans keep doing what humans know how to do best, both in business and life generally, that is , create a business set up that is only profitable to the capitalists and disadvantageous to the masses, until a certain relatively unknown individual called “Satoshi Nakamoto" changed the narrative some thirteen years ago with his published whitepaper on Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency and a new way to handle currency (digital currency) and conduct business, the rest they say is history. This heralded the generation of other altcoins and since the disadvantaged masses cannot fulfil their desires to live in other planets, they can start to build a new structure to chase their dreams of living a more fulfilling and competitive life from the traditional finance(tradfi) to decentralised finance(defi) and therefore, the creation of their own Kepler here on earth.

DeFi today is overall the best concept as a financial instrument for mankind and the Kepler technology is rolling out DeFi version 2.0 which will be built to handle large scale and never-before-seen decentralised financial system needs. The team works tirelessly to provide a new designed DeFi platform with fairer and more reliable methods of participation .

Together, the team and individuals alike build and use respectively a new decentralised financial system, as the team works in making this possible, the masses use the platform to change the narratives and maximise its strengths.

It is no news that while the rest of the world are still virtually all living in DeFi 1.0, the Kepler world leads the rest in pioneering the novel DeFi 2.0 with all of its capabilities and advantages over centralised finance (cefi). Now is the right time to join the Kepler technology train and achieve the “New World Order “ in DeFi.