Adeniyi Abidemi
3 min readAug 7, 2021


Becoming the most influential project in the world by overcoming the gap between traditional financial

market (Fiat) and decentralized financial market (De-Fi) is a mission embarked upon by the project. This we do by always looking at new ways of trying to surpass customers’ expectations by providing the best

products and services, the best way we know how. Thus, the need to create our values and welcome

you to the Canopus network world.


Our values are built on a relationship of trust, simplicity, and integrity, where everyone freely expresses themselves for fruitful cooperation. These help us to expand collectively and create innovative solutions,

which improves the development of our products and provide our customers with the highest order of optimum service.


As the first decentralized galactic network protocol on the Avalanche ecosystem, we needed more than

just one blockchain to enable easy interoperability; therefore building a cross-chain with the Binance

Smart Chain (BSC) for more customer experience. The Canopus ticker is the OPUS. There are two types

of the OPUS: The Canopus Star Token (OPST) and The Canopus Galactic Token (OPGT). With the total

token supply of 1 billion OPUS of which 5 million will be distributed to our community as airdrops, 70

million for presale, while circulating the others as stated below through year 2021:


JUN 10 Million

AUG 15 Million

OCT 20 Million

DEC 25 Million


Bridging the centralized finance (Fiat) and the decentralized finance (De-Fi) gap requires a

cryptocurrency that can do a fantastic job in that aspect which is where the Canopus tokens come in, to

solve customers’ problems such as:

• The lack of a developed infrastructure for accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment;

• The collection of significant foreign exchange fees (up to 10% of the purchase amount), by

financial institutions, when spending abroad using conventional fiat debit or credit cards.

Owning the Canopus tokens (be it on the Canopus Plastic Card or the Canopus Plastic Virtual Card)

affords you the following:

• Cashback up to 10% back in a highly liquid token with great potential for price growth;

• Limitless possibility to pay with Canopus token using instant conversion to Fiat payment;

• Spending abroad at ideal interbank exchange rates – no margins;

• Large selection of discounts and offers from VISA card; and of course

• A beautifully designed Canopus card.

Another reason to choose the Canopus network is because; today in the real world, it is difficult to

spend cryptocurrency and there is no way to manage expenses and secure them using a mobile

application. We solve the aforementioned problems by:

• Providing the Canopus wallet, which vis-a-viz provides a safe, convenient and elegantly

designed application for clients, with which they can make the purchase and sale of


• The application also allows customers to manage their Canopus assets, and to send

OPUS to other users of the system with a minimum commission;

• Conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat (USD, EUR).

• The Canopus staking, the Canopus credit and the Canopus network LLC products are the

other reasons to be a part of this moving micropayments solution train.

Our main focus is on stability, improvement of transaction speed and reducing the transaction fee to the

bearest minimum while aiming to be the fastest solution on micropayments ( best among equals). With these, there is no better solution than the Canopus solution.