It is no longer news that the KeplerSwap project will launch in the third week of September, that is just within this week and the next, you say? Oh yes, you are absolutely correct. This is how close it is to trading the SDS, meanwhile the presale is now on for a price of 0.2 USDT per SDS, with its terms and conditions. It is time to cash in on this great opportunity that has presented itself in my non-financial opinion.

The fact that the SDS is not just another token but a cryptocurrency, with its own blockchain in the making, makes it a very viable crypto asset to bag at the moment. The first quarter of 2021 has really heralded a lot of ATHs of many cryptocurrencies(BTC and BNB, to mention a few), while SOL just did its own ATH recently. It is not rocket science that a crypto asset(or cryptocurrency, if you like) like SDS can only follow suit after the launch of KeplerSwap, vis-a-vis SDS going live, in the very foreseeable future.

The beautiful thing about crypto investments can quickly be evaluated with an investment of $1000 in Solana( an example of a cryptocurrency) as at January 2021 with a price of $1.80. The investor would have been worth $213,000 as at the 9th of September 2021(SOL’s ATH date), this is a nine month investment, even today with a small deep, it is still a win-win for the investor.

Taking a cue from the above, the SDS can be much greater in terms of return on investment in the same time frame, given its novel approach to DeFi. It is without gain-saying that the SDS has a potential of hitting well above $10 in a matter of a few months after its listing and indeed when its blockchain is finally here.



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