The wait is finally over as the KeplerSwap launched the seeds token (SDS) global public sale on the 15th of October 2021, where 100000 SDS were sold for 0.5 USDT per SDS within the first six minutes of the first round of sales, quite impressive! If you missed out on that, do not be dismayed, as there are two other rounds of sales to follow. The second round of sales will be for 900,000 SDS at the price of 0.8 USDT per SDS, while the third and last round of sales will be for 3 million SDS at the price of 1 USDT per SDS.


Due to some unplanned issues arising from users usage, the KeplerSwap team announced a new roadmap to be followed. It should be noted that from the 20th of October by 10:00am (UTC +0) to the 25th of October by 10:00 am (UTC +0), all users are to participate in a Beta test chain, while on the 26th of October by 10:00am (UTC+0) to 10:00 am on the 27th of October is for whitelisted members using the binance smart chance(BSC), and finally on the 27th of October by 10:00am (UTC+0) all users are to participate in the global sale using the BSC.


A user is only allowed to by up to and not more than 5000 USDT worth of SDS token and one user cannot use more than one wallet, that is one wallet per user. 10% of the amount of token is immediately released to the user’s wallet and another 10% is released by the launch, this is to be followed by a subsequent release of 15% each month for the next four months and the final 20% is to be released in the fifth month; these make up the 100% tokens bought by a user.




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Adeniyi Abidemi

Adeniyi Abidemi

content writer

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