Adeniyi Abidemi
2 min readSep 22, 2021



It is the dawn of a new era in Decentralised Finance (DeFi), with the KeplerSwap leading the DeFi 2.0 line and launching its native blockchain this quarter of 2021 (see whitepaper and roadmap).This will give it the flexibility to show its projected innovation to the DeFi space through the seeds token.

In our world today, thousands of crypto projects flock the growing DeFi market everyday, with little to zero use-cases. A lot of this projects end up folding for their lack of use-case and integrity of their team. It is only imperative for an investor to look for a project with a real life problem to solve or a sustainable enough solution to proffer. Like we say in this profitable yet vulnerable space “Do Your Own Research”. But just why is the SDS worth your dime, with its pre-sale ending in 4 days and 1 SDS selling for a price of 0.2 USDT?

People, investors alike, are moved by innovations and tend to see where it takes them. This is one of the many cards on KeplerSwap’s table and SDS is the hand that will dish it. We all love to be a part of something new, refreshing, innovative and profitable as can be seen in the platform’s Space ownership and lucky pool, which is novel to the DeFi space.

SDS though in its infancy, but with lots of potentials to be a 1000× token from listing, a 1000USDT investment from an investor, would have yielded 4000 USDT return in no time. This, of course shows that SDS isn’t just another token out there, but one with various usability and the knack to compete with even the more established tokens and coins out there. This is rather a goldmine of an opportunity waiting to be explored and tapped in my non-financial opinion. So why not buy early, and be amongst those that will be glad they did.

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