Adeniyi Abidemi
2 min readOct 27, 2021

The much awaited and well anticipated KeplerSwap global launch is finally here and what do we know? After a lot of predictions and guesses about the price listing, from both crypto experts and newbies, the SDS was finally listed for a price of 1.4 USDT per SDS at 10am UTC today ( 27th of October, 2021).

Participants of the rounds of presale must have had a really mouth watering experience with the beautiful architecture and if you missed out on the presale, well it’s still a good time to go in there and get your SDS token now before the token really takes off to the moon. Experience show that getting a DeFi’s governance token is almost always a very profitable venture at the end of the day, take for instance what happened with Uniswap listing UNI for just 48 cents and today UNI is selling at $24.80 and also Uniswap’s UNI early holders whom were given 400 UNI each ( worth $1400 as at 1st September 2020).

To still have this reward winning experience, a user only needs to go to a Dapp like trustwallet and paste the KeplerSwap link:, getting there will bring a prompt requesting if the user wants to create SPACE or wants to join an existing SPACE . The user can create a SPACE by adding liquidity of not less than 100 USDT and 100 SDS and then lock it for 360 days(a great amount of APR is earned from it also), once this is done, the user can send an invite code for others to join the space and is entitled to earn from every transaction being made by members in his space. If this isn’t reward for using the platform and hodling the SDS then I don’t know what is.

If UNI can have a 50x turn over, why not SDS with all of the incentives to users? I don’t see why not and sooner rather than later, that investment on SDS may happen to be the smartest investment you ever made.