Adeniyi Abidemi
2 min readSep 23, 2021


The evolution of the Astrokin server has given birth to a new digital city( it is a pay little, earn much digital city as fondly called by community users) on the discord app. It is indeed the dawn of a new era in digital payments, airdrops and the likes.

It is no longer news that the promised Kin Reward Engine (KRE) has been created and fully functional on the discord server and this is responsible for all the goodies that community members enjoy at the moment. Sit back and let’s take a ride through its functionalities.


The Astrokin server introduced a reward engine, called the ASTROBOT, to its community users and the rest they say is history. Let’s take a sneak peek into this so-called history and how to take full advantage of it. It is called a reward engine for a reason, that we shall evaluate below.


With over 55,000 members (and still counting) and over 500 million KIN spent so far on the community, through the following major activities:

  • Create and set-up wallet
  • KRE subscription
  • Staking
  • Levelling

Create and set-up wallet

This is the first thing to do on the Astrokin server. Once verified, an Astrobot wallet is set-up for the user and a reward of 10000 KIN is given to the user.


This is a very big part of the server, or say one of the biggest channels on the server, because once subscribed , you get access to all hidden channels. This is a goldmine of a channel and it gives access to the following events and games: #school, #gartic, #millionaire, #fpl, #mobile-legends and a lot of other channels. These channels affords the users a lot of earnings.


This is another exciting and quite innovative idea, created by the Astrokin server team. Users rank up on the server with their activities, from the rank of a Private to that of the General of the KIN ARMY(as the community members are fondly called), with rewards in $KIN in every step of the way e.g A General of the KIN ARMY earns 100000 KIN as reward for levelling up. The more active you are, the more your reward, is the mantra.


Any community member who is not maximizing this opportunity of a channel is missing the “icing on the cake". Community members are encouraged to stake their earned KIN from a period of one month, 3 months or 6 months, depending on what their preferences are. They earn daily rewards in $KIN, depending on their balance, rank in the KIN ARMY, and a certain calculated interest and APY is given daily.

By and large, this is indeed a digital city, where users spend some of their earned $KIN to even earn more $KIN which is made possible by the reward engine (Astrobot). This is just the future unravelling before our own very eyes and it is marvellous to see, because it is the future of payment and it is just getting started.