Adeniyi Abidemi
2 min readSep 28, 2021



They say “great power beckons great responsibilities” and I say “with great innovations come great possibilities and opportunities”, this is what the KeplerSwap brings to the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) world, with its 2.0 version. Opportunities! A quick sneak-peek into some of these so-called opportunities or say benefits of participating in KeplerSwap can be examined below in its horizontal, vertical ecosystem.

KeplerSwap’s Horizontal ecosystem

One of the greatest favours you can do for a business, is to refer it to customers or customers to it. This, still holds true, even for the unconventional businesses or Decentralised Finance.

To maintain a sustainable environment for KeplerSwap, new users (as invited by an existing user) are required to obtain a permanently linked referral relationship with existing users. As a RULE of the thumb, the invitee has to conduct the first trade of assets exchange through the inviter in order to create a horizontal ecosystem, since all revenues created by invitee(s) are associated with the inviter, this enables the inviter to gain associated revenue or make profit by the following:

  • He gets direct referral trading bonus, which will be distributed in tokens (most likely seeds token and BUSD );
  • The inviter is granted an entry to the jumbo lucky pool, when invitee’s liquidity market making volume stands in a top ranking position(top 30% referrals or top 30% liquidity provider in a week) and;
  • The inviter can gain a portion of liquidity market making revenue from his invitees.

Vertical Ecosystem

This goes hand-in-hand with SPACE, which is aimed at improving the vertical relationship between users, expand user’s rights and realize autonomous organization. Either by contributing to liquidity market making efforts or by referring other users to do so, while meeting certain criteria(as can be seen in whitepaper), the user is able to submit a space creation application. He becomes a space owner, upon approval, and this gives him access to the following privilege

Space Interests

A space owner is granted all rewards related to liquidity market making from space members, and may also gain an extra reward from contribution pool, if he wins in the space voting.

The Space is obviously a cornerstone of ecological development, with active users having more decision-making power, while the horizontal ecosystem encourages more users trading by incentive, we can only say that this is next level DeFi and it’s amazing to behold.

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