Adeniyi Abidemi
2 min readSep 28, 2021



The public sale of the seeds token (SDS), originally slated for Sept 26th, 2021 has now been postponed to 10am (UTC+0) on the 15th of October 2021, this is due to the practical demands of the project. This slight change in the schedule is only to deliver a high-quality KeplerSwap, as promised…

The wait is now finally over as dates have been set for the Global beta test for the 200 whitelisted members on 20th of October, and then the official launch of the KeplerSwap is slated for 27th of October.

A lot has been said about the different dimensions that the platform intends to bring into the DeFi world, ranging from its lucky pool, space ownership, referral program and the more laudable benefits, leaving behind an unsung benefit like a payback of the transaction fees.

All cryptocurrency exchange platforms, be it a centralized finance platform (like binance) or even a DeFi platform (like Uniswap), charge transaction fees but where KeplerSwap stands out is that it returns virtually all the transaction fees back to the users. Taking the SDS/BUSD trading pair as an example, 95% fees generated from trading SDS in BUSD exchange will be returned to users and the remaining 5% will be used for ecological development. This means if $100,000 is generated as fees from trading SDS, a whooping $95000 is returned to the users. This is an extra incentive to use the KeplerSwap.

How am I sure I am getting the right proportion of my transaction fees?

The KeplerSwap ensures all transaction fees are distributed accordingly and fairly by the following:

  • The transaction fee appears in real time, and distribution is carried out by smart contract fairly;
  • The transaction fee is divided into various types and is directly divided according to the type of coins users trade, this guarantees the original value;
  • The rate percentage can be adjusted, and the fee percentage can be adjusted according to the market performance;
  • KeplerSwap ensures that the gas fee has been optimized and will obtain static data from graph to reduce pressure on the contract.

The transaction fee payback to users is another reason to use the KeplerSwap upon its launch and be an early bird in this emerging wealth opportunity of a platform.