The concept of SPACE is one introduced to the Decentralised Finance space by the KeplerSwap, and what it entails is still fuzzy to a lot of potential users. This article aims to elucidate the fuzziness around the concept by breaking it down to an easy-to-understand concept.


This is a functional concept created by KeplerSwap, which is more or less a user’s niche in the ecosystem, and it is aimed at improving vertical relationship between users and also to expand user’s rights.


A user has the right to become a space owner, if the user is any of the following:

  • an SDS holder

Upon meeting any or all of the aforementioned criteria, a user is eligible to submit a space creation application and eventually becomes a SPACE owner upon approval.


A space owner on the KeplerSwap attracts the following two benefits:

  • Space owners get extra reward from the liquidity provided by all their space members, so the higher the number of users the space owner invites ( or the space members — which invariably increases the volume of liquidity), the higher the reward of the SPACE owner.

How can a space owner become a top space owner?

Once a user is a token holder, he is granted the right to vote in a space election that takes place for 7 days ( first 5 days are for voting, while the last 2 days are for vote counting), by entering a SPACE.. Once a space is successfully entered, it cannot be changed. Therefore, the top 20 space owners with the most votes become partakers of the 30-days accumulated reward from the SPACE POOL.


Obviously, the concept of SPACE is an extra incentive to encourage users to invite new users into the ecosystem and earn referrals from doing so. More importantly, it also gives users the right to be a part of the governance of the system, which makes KeplerSwap a truly decentralized ecosystem and this is the KeplerSwap goal of becoming a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

For more information, please visit website and see whitepaper on:




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Adeniyi Abidemi

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