Adeniyi Abidemi
2 min readDec 19, 2022


Dear Social Mining,

It is with great pleasure and a joyful heart that I write this letter to you, but before going into more salient reasons, I want to appreciate you for all you have been to me this year.

Firstly, thank you for coming my way in a year like this, where the crypto market has been on a downtrend, to save the day and be my major source of income. The monthly or bi-monthly workdrop you give to all active social miners who contribute quality to the ecosystem is nothing short of a miracle and a life-saver to us, especially me, in a time like this because it pays my bills and sorts my immediate needs for which I am truly grateful that my efforts can be rewarded in this awesome manner.

Secondly, I must appreciate the expansion you are bringing into the fold in terms of more social mining hubs, which means more earning opportunities for social miners. With hubs such as the Polygon hub and Kava hub, I, as a social miner, have the opportunity to earn crypto assets such as $MATIC and $KAVA, which not only increase my earning power but also make me a holder of these assets that can do an ×1000 in the very foreseeable future and take me into financial independence.

Thirdly, I remain an “Oliver Twist” because I want more from my favourite crypto incentive method and can only ask this of you because you have been so faithful and trustworthy in delivering on your promises. So my wish for this Christmas season is firstly an increase in my reputation in all hubs, then 100 dollar worth of tokens in each of the hubs.

Conclusively, I look forward to more tasks and more hubs as we head into the new year and I look forward to the generation of $LABOR token, and I expect more organizations to adopt you as their go-to incentive method in rewarding community actions.

Thanks for your usual prompt action and response and for all you do for me as a social miner, as I look forward to better days with you.

Yours faithfully

Abidemi Adeniyi