Blockchain Technology, cryptocurrency and Me

Adeniyi Abidemi
3 min readJan 5, 2021

My first encounter with the all encompassing technology, called blockchain technology was barely a year ago and boom! It has been a jolly and interesting ride ever since.

Chain of blocks

My not so interested brother, at the time, brought me a life-changer of a news, even without him knowing. He was talking about bitcoin and a few of the other altcoins like ethereum, bnb and so on(which was a result of a discussion he had earlier with one of his former colleagues at work, who resigned from his work to focus on blockchain technology and trading in cryptocurrencies), little did he know that he was showing a path to a goldmine of a technology with endless possibilities. I also took it “with a pinch of salt” at the time, but as an “opportunist” that I am , I requested to meet with the colleague, who in turn asked me to do some research on some crypto related diction(like ICO, IEO, airdrops, token, etc) which opened my eyes to what blockchain technology entails and the rewards present therein. He added me to a crypto group where airdrop links are dropped daily, this led to my filling of airdrops(digital marketing for crypto projects) as much as my strength could take me on a daily basis, although fuzzy at the time but I kept doing it everyday. It eventually dawned on me when I checked my wallet(which the colleague had put me through on how to open on and warned me not to reveal my private key to anyone, not even him! ) and wow! a few projects have paid tokens for my relentless work. Real or not real? I asked my excited self.

It is real, I said, so I had to call my brother’s colleague, whom by this time had taken me upon his wings as a protege/mentee, “big ups” he said. I kept my enthusiasm up and continued learning about the, so called, emerging technology, which I found out to be more than just technology but also a culture and community that is passionate about creating a more equitable world through decentralization. Then, he thought it wise to add me to another whatsapp group where more serious information about cryptocurrency and blockchain is discussed and more airdrop links were dropped. Personally, I ensured all ethereum related airdrops were filled, because of my understanding of the fact that a lot of these projects are modelled on the ethereum blockchain. After a while, a link to a webinar was dropped on the group, which took place precisely on the 11th of June 2020. It was at this zoom webinar; titled: Decentralized finance Africa (De-Fi Africa), that I really saw veterans in the crypto space, what they have been able to do in the space, how they have impacted their own lives and what is yet undone.

This experience of a webinar was eye-opening and inspirational, which informed my content creation niche. I can not but want to do more in the crypto and blockchain technology space, while preaching the gospel among friends and foe alike.

I am still amazed at how and why this goldmine of a technology and the opportunities it presents remains a road less travelled.