As the heart is to the human body, to help it function optimally and perform its daily activities smoothly, so is the the KRE SUBSCRIPTION to the AstroKIN server. Users of this server have come to realise the vast difference between having a subscription and not having one. This article shall take a sneak-peek into what the KRE SUBSCRIPTION entails and how new and old users alike can take full advantage of it.


The AstroKIN server is still a fantastic reward app even without the KRE SUBSCRIPTION, lots of channels provide users with KIN-earning activities, for example users on the #general channel earn KIN at intervals by typing !party and this is irrespective of your KRE SUBSCRIPTION status. There are other channels that afford users earning KIN without KRE SUBSCRIPTION like #twitter-event, #medium-event, #staking and so on.


The goal of every user on the server should be a KRE SUBSCRIPTION, as it affords users a higher earning opportunity with every event, in every channel.


It is without doubt that the longer a user’s KRE SUBSCRIPTION, the better the user’s earning power. There are 3 possible subscriptions available and they are: KRE-1month, KRE-3months and KRE-6months subscriptions.


This channel is one that affords users the option of locking their earned KIN (like every other KRE SUBSCRIPTION) for a duration of 1 month while earning x2 of what a user without the KRE SUBSCRIPTION earns in all events. To subscribe for it, a user simply enters the channel and click on the assigned emoji and the AstroBot sends a direct message to the user, asking to complete the transaction.


This channel is one that lets the KIN ARMY earn a reward of x3 what a user( another KIN ARMY) without the KRE SUBSCRIPTION earns in all events and in all channels. It should be noted that the user’s total balance is locked for a period of 3 months in which the subscription is still active, and on the expiration of the subscription, the user will again have full access to his total accrued balance and may choose to either renew or change to a different subscription (it is always the user’s choice).


This one has the longest duration and remains by far the best of the packages in terms of rewards received, especially if you are in it for the long haul (the diamond hand always wins). A user with this subscription gets x5 the reward earned by one without KRE SUBSCRIPTION in all events.


Asides the fact that all KRE subscribers get rewarded on a monthly basis ( apart from their daily staking reward), earning is more fantastic on the AstroKIN server with a KRE SUBSCRIPTION, take an event like the #Twitter event as an example, where the different categories of users on the server receive the following: @kinpeople earn 1000 KIN, @kresubscription1month earns 2000 KIN, @kresubscription3months earn 3000 KIN, while users with @kresubscription6months role earn 5000 KIN after successfully completing the twitter task.

The KRE 6 months subscription remains the best of them all and the one that affords users the best earning experience, and there is no better time than now, to be a partaker of the subscription and earn unlimited KIN.




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Adeniyi Abidemi

Adeniyi Abidemi

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